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Annual Day 2013- Grade 1 to 6

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How would it look if Russian gymnasts and Ballerinas; Egyptian Pharaohs and Mummies; characters from the ‘Arabian Nights’ and the cricket and cuisine of Sri Lanka could be brought together on one stage? It would simply be a paradise on earth! Such a paradise was actually created by the primary section at Presidency School R.T.Nagar during their Theme Culmination this year.

Tiny Tots of Grade 1 simply crossed the Palk Strait to the romantic island country of Sri Lanka. They depicted the spread of Buddhism there, the lovely dances with rich Portuguese and English flavour, their world famous cricket and delicious food. The parents enjoyed every moment of the theme culmination. They were highly impressed by the attention to detail by the students in their treatment of each foreign land. 28th February, 2013 – Grand Finale Modern students of today must be free to go beyond the horizon of bookish knowledge and explore first hand the real word outside.

At Presidency School, R. T. Nagar pupils go above and beyond their classroom education, gain hoards of new information and share it with their parents during the theme culmination sessions.

This year the tiny tots of kindergarten dealt with ‘Fairy Tales’, where as the students of primary section dealt with people of foreign lands. Our theme culmination journey stretched over a period of 13 days. On 28th of February students showcased glimpses of some of the more exciting and entertaining moments of this journey through Russia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka.

Students of class 4 performed a Russian ballets to perfection. Third grade students performed an Arabian dance and gave a short excerpt of ‘Aladdin and his Magic lamp. Class two students showed the great Egyptian personalities the a style act lastly class one children pin pointed finer points of cricket a through a cricket dance.

The entire K.G. section presented various characters from Fairy tales. The grand finale was witnessed by Ms. Nafeesa, Director Presidency Group of Institutions, Principal Mrs. Indira Kothaneth, CODs, Teachers and Parents with great enjoyment.