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NCC Students visited old age home & Orphanage

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From good shelter to good clothing, we never thought how life would be without tem.  The students of grade 8 and 9 visited the ‘HOME OF HOPE’ on 15th September.  The 65 NCC cadets were over    by amount of contribution they received.  From clothes to toys, the Presidencies had put their full effort in supporting the old age home.

Sympathy, sadness and shock aroused in many.  Most of them had a tear in the eye which explained it all.  Every student took the initiative and distributed all the food items and clothing’s among the people.  We were left speechless by the contrast between the city life and ‘life at the old age home’.  We took effort to speak to each and every person in the old age home.  We were ushered with well wishes and blessings from them.

We moved on to the orphanage just a few steps away from the old ages home.  We again distributed clothes, toys, books and other stationary.  We ourselves made the children write ‘A to Z’ and also taught them to draw.  They proudly showed their school bags and books.  A 15 days old kid was given much sympathy, whose parents were both mentally retarded.  We realized how it means to live in such a protective and well taken care of environment.  God couldn’t be always around us, that’s why he made mothers.  And yes, we now completely understand that simple but powerful line.

The men’s old age home, the first time for all was better maintained.  We interacted and learnt many incidences from them who spoke in English.  Shocking to find well educated people in such old age homes, isn’t it?

All came back with the fact about how lucky we are the ones who have care, love and protection we can say.  They say everyone is equal and one.  And that is why, we NCC cadets take full importance in changing their minds, and making them feel there is something beyond nothing.