Presidency School



1 Ms. Elizabeth Philip HOD English MA(ENGLISH), B.Sc. ,M.Ed. (English), B.Ed. (English and Science)
2 Ms. Ritipriya Roy Middle School Teacher MA (English), B.ED(English-Pursuing)
3 Ms. Priya Ravikumar High School Teacher B.A.(Eng),MSc(Psychology)PG Diploma in Special Education on Child’s Development, B.Ed.
4 Ms. Mini Raghavan Primary School Teacher BA (English and Political Science), B.Ed.(Eng and History)
5 Ms. Sumita Prasanna Primary School Teacher B.Sc.(Home Science), MSc (Child Development), B.Ed. (Math and Science)
6 Ms. Anjali Unni Primary School Teacher BA (English, History, Economics and Political Science),NTT,
7 Ms. Charitra Murjani Primary and Middle School MBA, BBM. B.Ed. (Pursuing B.Ed. from Bangalore University)
8 Ms. Hasina Middle School Teacher MA (English) B.Ed.
9 Ms. Sanchita Ghose Middle School Teacher MA (English) B.Ed.
10 Ms. Aarti Chugh Mother Teacher PUC, Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education, BA (Pursuing) from Ignou University
11 Ms. Attiya Sultana Primary School Teacher MBA, B.Ed.
12 Ms. Smitha HOD – Math BSC.(MATH),MSc(MATH), B.Ed.(MATH)
13 Ms. Jayanthi High School Teacher BSc(MATH),MSc(MATH),,M.Phil. (Math), B.Ed.(MATH & SCIENCE)
14 Ms. Kavitha Pradeep High School Teacher BSc(MATH),MSc(MATH), B.Ed.(MATH)
15 Ms. Meenu S Primary School Teacher BSc, MA (Eng) Lit, B.Ed. (Math & Science)
16 Ms. Asha Singh Middle School Teacher BSc(MATH), B.Ed.(MATH)
17 Ms. Nancy Diana Middle School Teacher BSc(PCM), B.Ed.(SCIENCE & MATH)
18 Ms. Divya R Primary School Teacher B.SC (Biology and Chemistry), B.Ed. (Physical science and English)
19 Mr. Raghavendra High School Teacher MSC (MATH), BED (Physics and Math)
20 Ms. Richa Gupta Primary School Teacher B.Com (Hons), Master of Finance and Control, MA (English) B.Ed. (Commerce and English)
21 Ms. Shahina Trainee COD-Primary MSc. MA(Pre and Primary Teachers Training), MBA, B.Ed. (Pursuing)
22 Ms. Monica Dutta Mother Teacher B.A (Home Science),
23 Ms. Asmiya Kausar Mother Teacher B.Sc. (Physics, Math and computer), B.Ed. (Physics and Math)
24 Ms. Sarala Radder Primary School Teacher B.E(Instrumentation) (B.Ed.) (English and Math)
25 Ms. Shashi HOD Science BSc. (Micro Biology and Chem), B.Ed.(Eng & Science)
26 Ms. Iffat High School Teacher BSc. (phy),MSc (phy & Electronics), B.Ed.( Phy1 & Phy 2)
27 Mr. Vinay G J High School Teacher MSC (Physics), B.Ed. (Physics and Math)
28 Ms. Maria Sravanthi High School Teacher MSC (Physics), B.Ed. (Physics)
29 Ms. Madhavi COD Middle and High School BSc.(CBZ),MSc,(Microbiology), B.Ed. (Natural Science)
30 Ms. Nagashree High School Teacher BSc. (chem), MSc.(chem), B.Ed. (Biology and Chemistry)
31 Ms. Bindhiya High School Teacher BSc.(chem), M.Sc.(chem), B.Ed.(Chemistry, Mathematics)
32 Ms. Makhmur Saba Middle School Teacher MSC, (Biotechnology), B.Sc. (Chemistry, Zoology and Biotechnology), M.Ed.
33 Ms. Seema P Exam In-charge BSc., MSc, B.Ed., Ph.D., M.Phil.(Geology) B.Ed. (Chemistry and Bio)
34 Ms. Dhrubakana High School Teacher BSc. (CBZ),MSc(Botany), B.Ed.(Eng & Science)
35 Ms. Shabana Primary School Teacher B.Sc. (Botony), M.Sc.(Botony) , Diploma in Montessori, B.Ed.(Science &Eng),
36 Ms. Sudha Priya Primary School Teacher B.Technology (Electronics and Commnunication), B.Ed. (Pursuing)
37 Ms. Zohra Sultana Mother Teacher MA (Pursuing), B.Com
38 Ms. Archana Shenoy Primary School Teacher B.SC (CBZ), B.Ed. (Biology and Chemistry)
39 Ms. Kala Ananthmurthy Primary School Teacher BA (Political Science and Sociology), NTT
40 Ms. Usha N HOD SST BA (Eco & Sociology, physcology) MA(Geo), M.Ed.(Geography) B.Ed. (History and Geography),
41 Ms. Malathi High School Teacher BA(Eng), MA(Sociology), B.Ed.(History & Eng)
42 Ms. Sushma Upadhyay High School Teacher BA(Economics, History and Sociology), B.Ed. (Eco & History)
43 Ms. Bhavisha Middle and High School B.Com (Hons),Mont London, B.Ed.(English and Social Science)
44 Ms. Rashmi Middle School Teacher B.A (History), B.Ed.(History & Civics)
45 Ms. Usha Narasimhan High School Teacher MBA,MA(Psychology)BSc(Geo), B.ED(Eng & Social)
46 Ms. Tresa Nair Primary School Teacher BA (Economics and History) , B.Ed. (English)
47 Ms. Shivakumari Primary School Teacher B.E (E &C) and TTC, B.Ed. (English and Math)
48 Ms. Vrinda D’souza Mother Teacher BA, B.Ed., (Political Science and SST)MA (Lit), B.Ed.( Political Science and SST)
49 Ms. Kamalakshi HOD-Kannada MA(Kannada), B.Ed.(Kannada)
50 Ms. Netravati Bhat High School Teacher MA(Kan), DISM, DCP, B.Ed.(Kan)
51 Ms. Anjana Kulkarni Middle School Teacher BSc(Chemistry),MA(Kan), B.Ed.(Kan, Hindi, Social)
52 Ms. Shwetha BP Primary School Teacher MA(Kannada), B.ED(Kannada)
53 Ms. Priyanka KS Primary School Teacher MA(Kannada), B.Ed.
54 Ms. Sugandhi Primary School Teacher MA(Kannada), B.ED(Kannada)
55 Mr. Babu Ahmed HOD-Hindi B.Com, MA (Hindi), B.Ed.(Hindi)
56 Mr. Rameez Raja High School Teacher MA, B.ED (HINDI)
57 Ms. Pushpa Arora Middle School Teacher MA(Hindi), B.Ed.(Hindi)
58 Ms. Manju Bala Middle School Teacher MA(History and Hindi), B.Ed.(Hindi)
59 Ms. Kavita Jha Primary School Teacher MA (Psychology), B.Ed. (History and Hindi)
60 Ms. Rupawali Singh Primary School Teacher MA (Hindi)
61 Ms. Sheeba HOD-Hindi BSc.(Computer),MCA
62 Ms. Manjula DS High School Teacher BE (Computer Science)
63 Ms. Shobha Bai Primary School Teacher BCA
64 Ms. Saraswathi (New) Primary School Teacher Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application, Masters in Computer Application,
65 Ms. Jaya Patil Primary School Teacher MCA
66 Mr. Chandrashekar Sports Incharge C.PED
67 Mr. Venugopal Reddy High School Teacher PUC,CPED
68 Mr. U Ramakoti High School Teacher MPED
69 Ms. Triveni Middle and Primary School CPED
70 Mr. Muniraja Middle and High School BA, MPED
71 Ms. Brenda Primary, Middle and High School B.Sc. Fashion Design
72 Mr. Harinath Tharakanath Primary, Middle and High School DIPLOMA IN DRAWING AND PAINTING, 5 years Diploma in FINE ARTS from Ken school of Arts,
73 Mr. Moses Primary, Middle and High School B.A, Dip in Army Music of Trinity, Dip in Military (Music)
74 Ms. Milagrina Primary, Middle and High School BA, Secretariate, Trinity ,Music-Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training,
75 Mr. Saikat Mukhopadhyay Primary, Middle and High School Graduation Equivalent Certificate, Certificate of Competition Indian Air Force.
76 Ms. Sunitha.S Primary, Middle and High School MA (Yoga)
77 Mr. Suraj S Kumar Primary, Middle and High School B.SC, Diploma -Roots of Dancing (Beginners Advanced), Professional Contemporary Course-Indepth. Graduate Training in Arts(BFA)-Theatre & Perfoming Arts, MFA-Theatre Performing Arts
78 Mr. Rohit R Primary, Middle and High School BA (ENG HONS), HIP HOP INTERNATIONAL FINALIST
79 Ms. Veena Primary, Middle and High School BA (History), D.(lib)
80 Ms. Pavithra Sriram Middle and High School Pursuing MSC in Counselling in Family Therapy, Bachelor of Physiotheraphy, Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS), NTT, and Montessori system of Education.  Diploma in Special Education
81 Ms. Ranjana Primary M.Sc. (Psychology Counselling)
82 Ms. Sandra Margeret Mary Demos KGT Matriculation, NTT USA
83 Ms. Vidhya Rani KGT BA (English), NTT
84 Ms. Anitha.R KGT BA (HSC),B.Ed. (English and Geography),B.Ed.
85 Ms. Anitha Mary KGT II PUC, NTT, B.Com (Pursuing), CV Raman University
86 Ms. Prerna Kochar KGT BA (Psychology), MA, B.Ed.
87 Ms. Bibi Ayesha KGT BA , NTT
88 Ms. Ambika Shalini Gaikwad KGT B.Com ( Indian Montessori Training Course), NTT
89 Ms. Shelma KGT BA  (Economics and History), NTT
90 Ms. Mary Chowdhuri KGT BA (Journalism, Sociology and Political Science) NTT
91 Ms. Kavita Yadav KGT B.Com (Finance and Accounts),NTT
92 Ms. Muneera KGT BA (Economics)
93 Ms. Hema S KGT BA (Kannada Pursuing in Karnataka Open University)II PUC (Hindi Prathama),Montessori Training
94 Ms. Hema R KGT B. E (Electronics and (Communication), Diploma in Montessori, Kindergarten and Nursery, Daphne’s International Teacher’s Training Institute accredited by IAO
95 Ms. Sofia Jagdish COD-KG B.Sc. (Home Science and Fashion Designing),NTT, B.Ed. (Science and Child Psychology), M.Ed. (Pursuing)
96 Ms. Bhagyalakshmi KGT B Com, NTT
97 Ms. Amritha Pallavi KGT B.Tech (Biotechnology),International Teaching Diploma Course Post Graduate Diploma in Pre and Primary teaching(Completed)
98 Ms. Rekha Rani KGT II PUC, Early Childhood Education, B.Com (Pursuing) , Rabindranath Open University
99 Ms. Reshma KGT Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori, Kindergarten and Nursery teacher Training, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HR) from Symbiosis University,
100 Ms. Dipika R Mody KGT B Com
101 Ms. Kouser Begum Librarian BA (Economics), DLIM
1 Ms. J Asha Lata Micah Principal
2 Ms. Kausar Fatima Data Management Manager
3 Ms. Shanmugapriya R Cashier
4 Mr. Rajan Ramachandran Facility Manager
5 Ms. Padmavathi Admin Associate
6 Ms. Janet Charles Front Office Executive
7 Mr. K.S. Ramdas ERP Executive
8 Ms. Jyothi Bai Computer Lab Assistant
9 Ms. YK Lavanya Stores Incharge
10 Ms. Asuntha Mary Nurse
11 Ms. Benita George Relationship Executive
12 Ms. Ashwini Science Lab Assistant

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