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Children’s Day

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The children’s day this year started with great enthusiasm. The children across all the grades were in school in colourful clothes. Some of the staff members had dressed up as comic characters to welcome the students in the morning. The events were divided into various time slots for KG, primary, middle and high school students. The teachers had put up different performances including songs, dance, instrumental, skits, puppet show, role play and fun games for the students. The bonus for the KG, primary and the middle school students was a spectacular magic show performed by Mr Praveen Kitkat. The children loved the tricks displayed by the magician and were enthralled by the experience. Apart from the remarkable entertaining stage performances by the teachers, there was a scary house, which ‘scared’ the children and the teachers in a ‘fun’ way. The scary house was conceptualized and executed by the teachers and it had an authentic ‘horror’ feel. There were stalls set up of puffed rice, which the children relished. All the children left the school campus with chocolates and loads of happy memories.

It was a special day as it gave an opportunity for the teachers to unravel the child in them and the students enjoyed seeing the teachers in such new avatars. The events were age-appropriate and conducted with enthusiasm, without compromising on the discipline.

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