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Grandparents Day-Kindergarten

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Grandparents come in all shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in common – the joy they experience from knowing and being able to care for their grandchild. Becoming a grandparent changes your world in so many ways, so it’s only rational that the world gives a little back one day each year.
The Kindergarten Early Years Team hosted the Grandparents Day Out at campus and it indeed opened flood gates of emotions and memories.
The campus was abuzz with excitement as all Grand Parents were ushered in to the auditorium, for a day that spelt nothing but exhilaration.
Whether it was a Quiz , ramp walk, stand up comedy or a dance they were all game for it. Some grandparents did share of their partner in Heaven which wetted many an eye.
The grandparents were thankful for this recognition and honour which truly upped their spirits. Indeed a day to cherish, appreciate and applaud!

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