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Halloweens Special Celebration Assembly

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Bringing in the International Dimension to learning, celebrating festivals and Observances from across the globe has been an integral part of our Curriculum. The eve of Halloweens Day was one such celebration that the campus witnessed.

Interesting Facts were shared  in the Special Celebration  Assembly- Trick or Treat  hosted by the Primary School Wing.

Speaking of this , the assemblage learnt that in the past, people wore masks during Halloween to ward off spirits and prevent ghosts from recognising them. However Halloween doesn’t have spookiness attached to it but has more to do with children getting in to Spooky Costumes and asking for ‘trick ‘ or ‘treat’.

While treats were chocolates, candies , tricks were non- threating ones such as a small ‘Boo’ or a squeaky laugh!

To our Surprise all our Spooky little devils turned out to be friendlier than Casper!

Happy Halloween!

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