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Master Chef, Michelin Stars, The Apron… sounds familiar right! This is exactly what all at the Kindergarten Presidency School Early Years Wing witnessed. Gourmet dishes, secret recipes, perfect plating and a couple of slips and misses- you name it and we had it.

The tots , dressed to the tee dished out signature dishes that were mouth watering and the aroma pervaded the campus.

These  enterprising individuals, were  artistic, creative and focussed on  originality of presentation that  allowed self-expression.

-The lunch cars,” or the “dining cars’ were placed for display as on a train bogie and we soon had all guests chugging along for an amazing experience on this track.

We thank all the parents for their fabulous effort and support to make the kitchen of the  Kindergarten – Presidency School Early Years, a Star Diner!

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