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 World No-Tobacco Day

And it’s a BIG NO to TOBACCO

In its march towards World Environment Day, the NCC Cadets of Presidency School RTNagar, took up the initiative in an attempt to spread awareness of the ill -effects of Tobacco , on World No-Tobacco Day -31st May, 2022.

Statistics prove that more than 8 million people die from Tobacco use. Not only this 600,000,000 trees are chopped, 84,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide is released into the air, and 22,000,000,000 tonnes of water is used up, in this journey of slow death.

The devastating impact of smoking and Tobacco on the environment  is obvious as  the world health body has  linked it  to large-scale deforestation, and damage to  biodiversity, including wildlife.

It is an incredibly challenging task Our initiative on a small scale in this Public education campaign would not only motivate and support current smokers to quit, it would also play an important role in de-normalising tobacco use and discouraging uptake among young people.

The NCC Cadets displayed placards that cited the fatality of its( Tobacco’s) use. They also met up with people who were encouraged to give up this ill habit for the good of all. The Public at RTNagar was indeed glad that the young generation was taking up a concern as such to spread awareness.

We at Presidency RTNagar  strive for 3 pronged purpose -a Tobacco  Free World – Save Resources- Save Future!

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